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Setting Up RAPaul.com

Update, I’ve since ported my blog over to Octopress. Thanks to the post by dinduks, it wasn’t too tricky.

Setting up RAPaul.com has been a breeze.  Especially easy with recommendations from Rob.

  1. Set up a web host - This was done using A Small Orange (ASO) - yes that’s the name of the hosting provider.

  2. Secure a domain name - This can be done automatically when setting up an account with ASO and worked perfectly.  The trickiest part is finding a domain name that is available.

  3. Install Wordpress - ASO provides a large feature set of administration tools, one of which is a really handy install tool named Fantastico.  Installing Wordpress comes down to a couple of clicks.

  4. Customise Wordpress - Installing a Wordpress theme is also very simple, extract a theme (e.g. deMar) into the themes folder then it is available to be chosen through the built in Wordpress admin tool.

  5. Set up Feedburner - This collates statistics about your subscribers etc. Details are shown here.  The plugin makes it very easy to add both the post and comments feeds.

Note the process I used to upload content was to use ASO’s cPanel interface.  There is an option called ‘File Manager’ that lets you upload a zip or tar.gz to a required location, you can then unpack the archive by selecting it and choosing ‘Extract’.

All in all, the process has been very simple and painless.

If you’re thinking of setting up an account with A Small Orange, here is my referrer url.

There are some additional configuration options I haven’t had time to play with yet, including:

  • Install the google sitemap plugin
  • Install the google code syntax highlighter
  • Install google analytics